BSCT is dedicated to keeping the environment safe for America’s most valuable resource–its people.  Our state-of-the-art Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers at both facilities run daily to eliminate V.O.C emissions and leave the air clean and devoid of harmful environmental waste.  In addition, our automated bag house captures silicone dioxide flakes that develop from silicone coating, preventing them from entering the atmosphere.

BSCT’s Environmental and Chemical Engineers oversee all facets of the manufacturing operation to ensure compliance with EPA, DEP and OSHA regulations.  We actively work on the Toxics Use Reduction Act mandated by the State of Massachusetts and through continuous improvement initiatives, we strive to eliminate waste and recycle materials.

BSCT is committed to  “Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing”  by continuously evaluating and developing Eco Friendly Products, Phthalate Free products and V.O.C. coated products.